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Prioritizing safety and comfort of passengers.

Sharman's Cab Company - No corruption, financially empowering our driver partners and growing clientele. At Sharman's Cab Company, we value not only our customers, but equally so our drivers. We know each one by name – all 250 of them growing!



Mr. Agni Sharman

Sharman's Cab Company is the result of an interesting flow of events, desires and priorities in the life of Mr. Agni Sharman. As an employee to a charismatic employer earlier on in his career life, Mr. Sharman was constantly motivated to at some point in his life venture out into starting his own company. Graduating into a doting father in his personal life, Mr. Sharman desired more time with his children.

The merger of both these aspects in Mr. Sharman’s life marked his transition into becoming a blogger but which gave him only a very lean margin. His inspiration then came from one of the most unexpected sources. One driver whom he had known personally carried out cab services in his own car but was paying a large margin to the cab company that he worked for. This ignited the spark for Mr. Sharman and he began blogging about this particular driver and many orders came in for this driver through those blogs.

This then became the beginning of a wonderful journey that has now grown to be one decade of successful shuttles at competetive fares for clients and unmatched profit for the driver partners. The challenging journey of Mr. Sharman himself delivering the very first ride, narrowing of clientele because of our ‘no corruption’ stance and an noncompromising all-inclusive and transparent fares have all proved worth it, as we celebrate our 10th year!The journey has driven CEOs of top companies and has witnessed growing relationship with the companies at large.


The Team

Our Driver Partners

All our driver partners are personally known to Mr. Sharman and each of them drive their own cars. New partners are recruited only upon recommendation and written assurance from our existing drivers who have partnered with us for a minimum of five years. We do not consider recommendations from partners who have not completed a minimum of five years with Sharman's Cab Company.

It is mandatory for all our partners to submit a police clearance certificate from local city commissioner office or respective office of the Superintendent of Police. Sharman's Cab Company particularly insists for the certificate from either of these two offices since this certificate is issued only after a period of two to three months from the date of applying. This certificate is issued only after the Police complete the verification process across the entire nation. Each of them also needs to be in possession of the Commercial Vehicle Driver’s License Badge.

It gives us pride to highlight to you that most of our driver partners are graduates who have taken up cab service as their profession. All our driver partners are responsible citizens and ensure that they are punctual with filing their Income Tax.Our driver partners strive to give you a comfortable journey and will help you even up to the point of unloading your luggage, but will not infringe upon your privacy by carrying your luggage all the way up to your room or door step. The feedback of our customers is taken seriously and is discussed with our driver partners to encourage them or ensure course correction as need be.

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